How To Melt Feta Cheese In The Microwave: Some Must-Know Tips

How To Melt Feta Cheese

Ever wonder how to melt feta cheese? Or are you curious when it comes to the best way to melt cheese? I myself have wondered this, so I decided to do some research on the topic. And, to my surprise (and pleasure) I found out some pretty cool things.

Feta, like many other types of cheese can be melted because it is a soft spreadable cheese. My curiosity behind this topic led me to some interesting facts about feta cheese that I would like help share with you in this post.

What Is Feta Cheese?

Feta cheese is a brined curd cheese made from sheep, goat or cow’s milk, and has a crumbly texture. Traditionally, it is produced in large blocks, which are then cut into smaller blocks and aged in cellars for months. Feta dries out easily, but can be soaked in water to restore some of its original moisture.

What Is Feta Cheese?

Feta originated in Greece and has been eaten since ancient times. Ancient Greeks used the word “phthie” to describe their brined cheeses. This term later became “feta,” which means “slice” in Greek.

Feta is made by curdling fresh milk with a lactic culture, adding rennet and draining away the whey. This leaves behind a solid mass of curdled proteins and fat that can be chopped into small pieces or balls (depending on how much whey was drained). The curds are then salted and pressed into molds to form large blocks that are aged for months before being removed from the molds and packaged for sale

Does Feta Cheese Melt?

Feta cheese is a Greek cheese that has been made for hundreds of years. It’s a popular ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, especially in salads and pastas. Feta is usually eaten young, meaning it hasn’t aged long enough to develop a strong flavor. The longer the cheese is aged, the more intense its taste will be.

Feta cheese can be used as an alternative to mozzarella or cheddar cheese on pizza because it melts well without becoming greasy like some other cheeses do when they melt. Feta is also great crumbled over salads or pasta dishes as well as in sandwiches. It’s important to slice the feta very thin so it will melt before it burns during cooking or baking.

Does Feta Cheese Melt?

Why Will Not Feta Cheese Melt?

Feta cheese is a soft, white cheese that has a salty flavor. It is made with sheep’s milk and can be found in most grocery stores in the dairy section. Feta is used in Greek recipes and on pizzas.

Feta cheese melts easily when it comes in contact with heat or when it is mixed into other ingredients. This means that if you are using feta for cooking purposes, you will not have to worry about it melting away as you cook.

How Much Time Does Feta Take To Melt?

The answer depends on your preferences and how you want your feta cheese to taste when you eat it. It can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes for feta to melt depending on how hot your food is and what type of meal you are making with the cheese. If you want your feta to melt quickly, choose a dish that has a lot of other ingredients in it like peppers or tomatoes so that they will absorb some of the heat from your food before it reaches your plate.

How To Melt Feta Cheese in the Microwave

Feta cheese is a Greek cheese made from sheep’s milk or goat’s milk. It is often crumbled over salads and other dishes, but many people do not know how to melt feta cheese in the microwave. This can be done in a few simple steps.

Step 1

In a microwave-safe bowl, add your cubed feta cheese. If you are using crumbled feta, then crumble it beforehand.

Step 2

Add some water (about 1 to 2 tablespoons) to the bowl and mix well.

Step 3

Cover the bowl with a lid or cling film and place in the microwave for about 30 seconds on high power. Remove the lid after 30 seconds and stir well with a fork or spoon. If there are still chunks of feta left, then cover again and microwave for another 30 seconds. Repeat until all the cheese has melted into a smooth consistency.


  • It takes about 10 minutes for the feta to melt in the microwave. The cheese should not be too hot when you put it in the microwave. It is best to leave with one-minute intervals, then stir and continue to do so after every minute until you get your desired thickness.
  • If the bowl seems warm when you start to melt the cheese, it’s not right yet. Keep the microwave on and stir. The cheese will thicken before it reaches its melting point.
  • If you prefer to use a saucepan, heat 1 cup of water on the stove on medium-high heat, then add the feta cheese, cover and leave for a minute or two. After that boil for about 5 minutes until smooth, stirring occasionally.

Things To Know Before Melting Feta Cheese In The Microwave

Choose the crumble form rather than the block or cubes if you need to melt feta cheese. With the right temperature and time, it is simpler to melt smaller surfaces in the microwave.

How To Melt Feta Cheese in the Microwave

Before melting feta cheese in the microwave, you should also be aware of the following:

  • Bring the feta cheese to room temperature before cooking. In order to give the cheese a head start on melting, do not keep fresh cheese at room temperature for more than two hours.
  • To allow the heat to quickly enter and melt the feta cheese, crumble it into little pieces.
  • To avoid the fat from separating and making the cheese clumpy, start with medium heat.
  • Add a little amount of cornstarch or flour to the feta cheese sauce to prevent the proteins from clumping together.
  • To get the smooth sauce texture, stir often.

Melting feta cheese in the microwave is simple. Use a microwave-safe container, heat on medium, add a splash of water or acid, microwave in 15-second intervals, and mix until the consistency you want is achieved.

Benefits of Non-melting Feta Cheese

Cheese is a staple of many diets, but some cheese varieties are more meltable than others. Some people prefer to eat their feta cheese straight from the package, but others like it melted onto a sandwich or in a warm and comforting soup.

If you’re looking for a cheese that won’t melt, then feta is the way to go. This Greek cheese comes in two varieties: soft and hard. The hard variety is aged for about three months, giving it a stronger taste and texture than the soft variety. Feta cheese can also be made with sheep’s milk, goat’s milk or cow’s milk.

Feta cheese has been around since ancient times in Greece and has become popular worldwide due to its high flavor profile and versatility in recipes. Feta can be added to salads, used as an ingredient in pastas or rice dishes, melted on pizza crusts or sandwiches, or even served as part of an appetizer tray at your next party!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does pre-crumbled feta melt?

No, pre-crumbled feta does not melt. It is made from a paste that contains no moisture. The paste is pressed into blocks and then sold in the market as crumbles.

2. What temperature do you melt feta cheese?

Melting feta cheese can be done at a range of temperatures. The best way to do it is by putting your cheese on low heat and stirring constantly until it melts completely. You can also use a microwave oven or a stovetop to melt this cheese.


Feta cheese is a fresh cheese that can be crumbly when frozen. Since there are varying opinions on how to melt feta cheese, the best way to ensure that you do it safely and effectively is by following a particular method. This process will work to melt feta and make it more malleable, thus enabling you to toss it easily with various salads, vegetables, and other food items.

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