11 Best Raclette Cheese Melter: 2022 Top Deals & Reviews

Best Raclette Cheese Melter

A raclette cheese melter is a kitchen appliance that is used to melt hard cheeses, like swiss or gruyere. It’s also great for melting chocolate and caramel.

The raclette cheese melter comes in many different sizes and styles. There are some that are designed to be portable, so you can take them with you on picnics or camping trips, while others are intended for home use only.

The best raclette cheese melter will have a stainless steel housing that’s easy to clean and sturdy enough to withstand the heat of a hot plate. The handles should be comfortable, so you can hold onto it while you’re cooking your food.

What Is a Raclette Cheese Melter?

It is a special type of heated table that is used to melt and serve raclette cheese. It consists of a metal plate with a heating element underneath, which keeps the melted cheese at the perfect temperature for serving. The raclette cheese melter is placed on an open flame or electric plate, and you place your slices of cheese onto it to heat them up.

Raclette is a delicious Swiss cheese that has been enjoyed by generations of people around the world. When served properly, it can be an amazing experience. Many restaurants have started using raclettes as part of their cuisine because they are so much fun to use! They are also great for parties or get-togethers because everyone gets involved in making their own personal plates of delicious melted cheese!

How Do You Use a Raclette Cheese Melter?

Raclette cheese is melted on a special heated plate. A heavy cast iron pan, or other cooking vessel, goes on top of the plate to hold the cheese and keep it warm as it melts. The pan can be moved back and forth to evenly distribute the heat, allowing you to melt all sides of your cheese.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Raclette Cheese Melter

A raclette cheese melter is a device that is used to melt the cheese. It is typically made from stainless steel, but some models are made from aluminum or copper. It has a curved surface that allows the cheese to be melted evenly over the whole surface of the item being melted. The melting process also makes it possible for people to enjoy their food without having to pour hot oil into their dishes.


  • This device can be used to cook other foods besides just raclette cheese.
  • It is easy to clean up after using the raclette cheese melter. All you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth, and then dry it off with a paper towel.
  • The raclette cheese melter has an adjustable temperature control on it so that you can choose how hot or cold you want your food to be cooked at.
  • It is made from stainless steel which means that it will last for years and years without rusting or needing any maintenance whatsoever.


  • The raclette cheese melter is quite expensive compared to other types of electric grills that are available in stores today. However, if you consider how much money and time would be spent trying to make your own raclette grill at home using wood or charcoal then this expense may not seem as bad after all!

List of 11 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews

1. Boska Holland 851502 Quattro Concrete Raclette

This is a beautiful piece of industrial design that looks great on any table and will make a great centerpiece for any event. It is made from a combination of concrete, steel and concrete, which makes it very strong but also very light in weight. It has been finished with a smooth surface to make it easy to clean after use. The Boska Holland Raclette Cheese Melter comes with its own set of tongs and spatula so you can serve your food in style.

The Boska Holland Raclette Quattro Concrete is perfect for serving up your favorite raclette dish or even as an alternative to an oven dish if you do not have one. It is also great for serving up other dishes such as fondue or melted cheese dip. You can even use this device as a focal point on your dinner table or desk space at work.


  • Made from concrete, steel, and concrete
  • 110 standard plug
  • 1000 watts power output
  • 10-year warranty

2. Li Bai Raclette Cheese Melter Commercial Electric Machine

The Swiss-Style Raclette Cheese Melter is a multi-function commercial electric machine that is ideal for both home use and commercial establishment. It can be used to melt cheese on the half wheel or in small containers. It is made from alloy steel, which is rust-resistant and durable.

This best raclette cheese melter has an adjustable angle base, which allows you to place it where you want it to be. The non-stick surface makes cleaning easy, while the premium quality material ensures that it will last long without denting or rusting.

This commercial electric machine comes in two colors: black and stainless steel. You can choose whichever color suits your kitchen best. It has a 650Wattage power and a 110Voltage rating. It also comes with a BPA-free anti-rust coating, as well as a fast heating feature that allows you to melt cheese quickly without having to wait around for too long.


  • Commercial grade design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable angle legs
  • Fast heating element

3. NutriChef Electric Raclette Cheese Melter Machine

The NutriChef Electric Raclette Cheese Melter Machine is a traditional swiss-style electric raclette cheese melter. The NutriChef has a stainless steel base and plastic handle, which makes it easy to clean. The sliding cheese holder allows for easy access to the melted cheese.

This product has a 450 watt heating element that provides quick heating of up to 2 pounds of cheese. The melting plate on this unit is made from stainless steel and can be removed for cleaning. The unit comes with an adjustable thermostat control that allows you to choose the perfect temperature setting for your cheese dish.

The NutriChef Electric Raclette Cheese Melter Machine includes a 3-ft power cord, which gives you plenty of room to move around while cooking. If you need more space, there is also an extension cord available separately which would allow you to use this machine in any room in your home or office without worrying about plugging it into an outlet close by!


  • Quickly heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Stainless steel wire rack slides out for easy cleaning
  • Includes recipe book with dozens of delicious raclette recipes

4. YOOYIST Raclette Cheese Melter Electric Commercial

The YOYOIST electric raclette cheese melter is made of high-quality stainless steel, and it is rustproof, anti-corrosion, and durable in use. Its large capacity of it allows you to melt a lot of cheese at one time. The flexible holder can be rotated 360 degrees so that you can easily place different kinds of cheeses on it.

The flash heating technology makes the melting process faster than other products. Moreover, you can adjust the temperature according to your needs via the switch button on it. It is also equipped with a power indicator light which will remind you when it’s time to refill the melted cheese back into the pot again. With these great features, this product will be your best choice for enjoying a raclette party!

It is the best choice for you to enjoy a cheese party.


  • Long service life
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Wattage 650 watts
  • Voltage 110 Volts

5. Zz Pro Raclette Cheese Melter Commercial Cheese Machine

The Zz Pro Raclette Cheese Melter is a commercial raclette cheese melter that has a large capacity and can make up to 16 servings at once. It is made from high quality materials and is designed to last for many years. To ensure that the machine is durable, it is covered with anti-rust paint and comes with a heating tube cover. This allows the machine to be cleaned easily, which helps to keep it in good condition throughout its lifetime.

The cheese melter comes with a heating tube, which makes it possible for you to flash heat your cheese quickly and easily. It can also be used for melting chocolate, nuts and caramel to make delicious desserts. The machine features an easy-to-use control panel with an LED display that shows you clearly when your food is ready to serve.

This best raclette cheese melter has been designed specifically for use in restaurants or bars so that they can offer their customers their own unique take on the traditional Swiss dish of melted cheese over potatoes or other foods.


  • Anti-rust paint reduces the risk of rusting
  • LED display shows the cooking status
  • Fits 1kg cheese, 8 potatoes and 4 side dishes

6. Besimple Cheese Raclette Set

It is an ideal setting for those who are looking for a raclette cheese melter. The set features a non-stick coating design, pan foldable and roaster baking tray stove set, premium carbon steel, high-temperature resisting, non-toxic and solid, durable and compact design with foldable handle, and 3 normal tealights. This set allows you to enjoy your favorite foods with your family and friends.

The Besimple Raclette Cheese Melter Set comes with an insulated lid and base so that you can place your cheese on top of it without any worries of it burning or melting away. The pan can be folded flat when not in use so that it doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen. The pan is made from premium carbon steel which has been coated with a non-stick material so that it doesn’t get messy when cooking food such as cheese on it. It also has handles on both sides so that you don’t need to worry about burning yourself when handling the pan.


  • Non-stick pan
  • Fold flat design with handles for easy transportability
  • 3 normal tealights included (not included in the box)

7. Swissmar Nordic Foldable Candlelight Raclette

The Swissmar Candlelight Raclette Cheese Melteris a fun and convenient way to enjoy raclette with friends and family. The raclette comes with a long non-stick dish and 3 tea light candles, so you can easily set up your raclette party on any table or countertop. The candlelight raclette can be used indoors or outdoors, making it ideal for camping trips and other outdoor activities.

The raclette has an integrated handle that makes it easy to transport from place to place. It also comes with a heat-resistant spatula, which is perfect for flipping cheese on your plate. When the meal is finished, simply blow out the candles, wipe down the plates, and store them away until next time!

The candlelight raclette is made using high quality materials such as alloy steel and stainless steel. It’s durable enough to last through several parties without showing any signs of wear or tear!


  • Perfect for outdoor camping, backyard parties, and picnics.
  • Includes 3 tea light candles for your outdoor raclette experience.
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Rated for temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).

8. Zerodis Cheese Raclette Non Stick Rotaster Baking Tray Stove Set

It is a kitchen tool that you can use to melt cheese on your raclette grill. It comes with a wood handle and is made of carbon steel. It has non-stick coating design, heat-insulation handle, convenient to use and high quality.

You can use Zerodis Raclette Cheese Melter to melt cheese on your raclette grill or even in a broiler. It has non-stick coating design which makes it convenient to use and easy to clean up after using it. This product is made from high quality materials that are durable and solid so it can withstand high temperatures without getting damaged or wearing out easily. The handle of this product is also heat insulated so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself when using it for long periods of time.


  • High quality carbon steel material, with heat resistance, good heat conduction and durable use;
  • Insulated handle design, comfortable to hold even in long time use;
  • Non-stick coating design, easy to clean and scratch resistant;
  • Convenient to use with candles as heating source (candles are not included);
  • Suitable for raclette cheese, pizza and other foods!

9. KOVOT Cheese Raclette

The KOVOT Raclette Cheese Melter is a great way to enjoy raclette cheese. Just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and you can serve melted cheese by a tealight. The set includes non-stick pan, foldable handle, spatula & frame, so you can make sure your guests are satisfied.

It is extremely easy to use. Just place 3 tea lights underneath the non-stick pan and wait for the cheese to melt. Now you can serve melted cheese by tealight!

This best raclette cheese melter is ideal for serving raclette cheese or other delicious snacks at parties or gatherings with friends and family. It’s easy to use and very convenient since it allows you to serve melted cheese in a fun new way!


  • High quality melters with premium non-stick surface
  • Handy foldable handle for easy carrying and storage
  • Lid to keep raclette cheese warm for a long time and to prevent fat dripping out of the melter
  • Sturdy & portable design for convenience and easy storage

10. Acogedor Mini Cheese Raclette

The Acogedor Mini Raclette Cheese Melter is a portable raclette griller that you can use anywhere to make delicious raclette cheese. It comes with a baking tray, frame, spatula, and the handle is foldable and easy to store. The non-stick coating makes it easy to clean, which is perfect for picnics or camping trips.

This mini raclette grill comes with 1200 watts of power, which makes it easy to melt cheese on it. The frame has handles on both sides, so you can carry it easily and safely.

The best thing about this raclette grill is that it can be folded into an easy-to-store size, so it’s perfect for taking on trips or storing in your kitchen cabinet when not in use.


  • Non-stick coating makes it easy to clean
  • Compact design folds down easily for storage
  • 1200 watts of power heats quickly and evenly
  • Includes spatula and baking tray

11. GRILAZ Raclette Cheese Melter Pan for Grill

The Grilaz Cheese Melter Pan is a must have for any griller or cook who loves to create delicious cheese dishes. It is made from stainless steel materials that are rust-free and easy to clean. The pan features a fold-able handle which makes it easy to store when not in use. This style of warmer is also known as raclette cheese melter because it is used in Switzerland which is famous for their raclette dishes.

The Grilaz Raclette Cheese Melter Melter Pan comes with two accessories: a wire mesh strainer and a spatula. These two tools help make your cooking experience easier by allowing you to drain off excess liquid from your food before serving or transferring it onto plates or platters. The strainer can also be used to hold smaller pieces of cheese while they are melting over hot embers so that they do not fall through the holes in the bottom of the pan!


  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Nylon handle is heat resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes a wire mesh strainer and spatula for easy cheese melting and serving

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Raclette Cheese Melter

It is an essential tool for raclette dinners. It will help you cook your food evenly and efficiently. The best raclette cheese melter should have several features to ensure that it cooks your food in the best way possible.

There are many different types of raclette cheese melters available on the market today. They are available in different shapes, sizes and materials. However, when choosing the perfect one for your needs, there are a few factors that you must consider first.

Stainless Steel or Cast Iron

The first thing you need to consider is whether you want stainless steel or cast iron as this will determine how long it will last and how much maintenance it requires. Stainless steel is more durable than cast iron but it can be more expensive as well since they are more difficult to find than their counterparts. Cast iron offers an excellent heat distribution but tends to warp over time due to high temperatures and frequent use so it may not be ideal for commercial purposes where there’s a lot of traffic or heavy use involved.


The durability of the raclette cheese melter is an important factor that should be considered. The best model should be able to withstand years of use without showing signs of wear and tear. This means that it should be made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or cast iron. It is also essential that it has been designed with longevity in mind. For instance, it should have a sturdy base that will not topple over easily during cooking.


The size of your raclette cheese melter will depend on how many people you plan on serving at once. If you’re just entertaining a few people, then a small size will do just fine. However, if you’re planning on having a party, then opt for one with enough space to hold several cheeses at once.


Another important factor that you will need to consider before choosing the best raclette cheese melter is its capacity or the amount of cheese it can hold at once. You will find different models available in the market with varying capacities ranging from 5 pounds up to 50 pounds or even higher than that depending upon the model you choose.

Temperature Settings and Controls

If you are looking for the best raclette cheese melter, it is important to consider the temperature settings and controls. Some models have a temperature control knob while others have digital controls. The reason why you should consider this is because some melters do not have a thermostat or the ability to adjust the temperature. If you want to cook different types of cheese, it is advisable that you get one that has minimum of two heat settings so that you can cook different types of cheese at different temperatures.

Number of Servings

Another factor to consider when choosing the best raclette cheese melter is its capacity. You need to know how many people you will be serving during parties or other events as this will help you determine whether or not it is big enough for your needs. If there are only two people, then a smaller model would be sufficient but if there will be more than two people, then it would be better if you get a bigger model so that everyone can enjoy their meal without having to wait too long before they get served.

Safety Features

Safety has to be the first thing you consider before you purchase a Raclette cheese melter. The last thing you want is to burn your hands when you are preparing a meal for your family and friends. There are products with safety features that help prevent accidents from happening. For example, there are models with non-slip handles and materials that do not conduct heat.

Design and Ease of Use

You should also consider how easy it is to use the raclette cheese melter. Some models have designs that make it difficult for users to clean them after use. Others have parts that can break easily and become useless after some time of use. You need to look for something that is durable enough so that it lasts for a long time without breaking down or malfunctioning.

Ease of Cleaning

It is important that you buy a raclette cheese melter that is easy to clean and maintain as this will save you time and effort when using it. Most products come with non-stick surfaces that make cleaning easier but there are some that have removable plates which makes cleaning easier than usual.


Another important consideration to make when choosing a raclette cheese melter is its portability. You will not want to use a large and bulky melting pot if you have to travel with it frequently. Make sure that the melting pot is lightweight and compact so that it can be easily carried around during travel.

Price and Warranty

The price of raclette cheese melters varies depending on their features and brand name recognition. However, there are many models in the market today that offer great value for money without compromising on quality or performance. If you want to purchase an affordable product, then do not hesitate to check out our list below where we have reviewed some of the best products under $50! In addition to this, we have also included some models from reputable brands that come with a generous warranty period so that you can rest assured knowing that your product will remain functional for many years ahead!

Scraping the Raclette Cheese Like a Pro


1. How long does it take to heat the cheese?

It depends on how cold your room is. The warmer the room, the faster it will heat up. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to turn on your oven or stove for a few minutes before starting to melt your cheese. Once you start melting the cheese, it takes about 30 seconds for each pound of cheese.

2. How do I clean it?

To clean your raclette cheese melter, just remove all of the components and wash them by hand. The body of the melter is made from stainless steel and can be cleaned with warm water or in the dishwasher.

3. Can I use any kind of cheese or other food in it?

Yes, you can. You can use any food that needs to be melted. You can cook chicken wings, meatballs, or even vegetables. With the power of this machine, your food will be ready within minutes. You don’t have to wait for hours to heat up your food anymore!


The best raclette cheese melter is the perfect tool for anyone who loves to host parties and events. It comes with a stainless steel frame, a roasting dish, and an adjustable heat control knob.

The stainless steel frame can hold up to 6 pounds of cheese while you’re creating amazing dishes. The roasting dish is designed to keep your food warm while it cooks. This raclette cheese melter comes with two cheese graters that are made from durable stainless steel.

This raclette cheese melter is easy to use, clean and store. It can also be used for other food items like vegetables, meats or seafoods as well!

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