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Can You Freeze Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut is a fermented cabbage dish with origins tracing back to Europe. The cabbage leaves are shredded, salted, and left to ferment through a process called lacto-fermentation. This natural preservation technique allows sauerkraut to have an extended shelf life without artificial preservatives. However, sauerkraut’s exposure to air, light, and fluctuating temperatures can still lead to […]

Why is My Watermelon Mushy?

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than biting into a sweet, juicy watermelon. But cutting open your melon only to find the insides are mushy and unappetizing can really put a damper on things. If you’ve ever experienced the disappointment of a mushy watermelon, you likely wondered why is my watermelon mushy […]

Can You Freeze Prime Rib?

When it comes to prime rib, a mouthwatering and indulgent cut of beef, the question often arises: can you freeze prime rib? Proper storage is crucial for preserving the quality of this prized meat and saving money. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of freezing prime rib and provide helpful tips […]

Can You Freeze String Cheese? Everything You Need to Know

String cheese is a lunchbox and snacking staple. But when you have leftovers, that packaged cheese can go bad quickly in the fridge. Freezing is an easy way to save those last few sticks and reduce wasted food. But can you really freeze string cheese successfully? In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need […]

How Long to Bake An Apple Pie at 350°F for Perfect Results

Apple pie is one of the most classic and beloved desserts, gracing holiday tables and potlucks for generations. With its buttery, flaky crust and sweet, cinnamon-spiced apple filling, apple pie is the ultimate comfort food. While easy to prepare, baking the perfect apple pie requires knowing exactly how long to bake it to achieve ideal […]

Can You Freeze Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seeds are one of my go-to snacks. Their crunch and nutty flavor make them highly addictive. But I often find myself with half a bag of open seeds threatening to go rancid in my pantry. Can you freeze sunflower seeds to stop them from spoiling? The short answer is yes! Freezing is an easy, […]

Top 9 Best Pizza Restaurants in Carmel Indiana (2024 Updated)

Carmel, Indiana is a unique city north of Indianapolis known for its quality of life, excellent schools, parks, and diverse dining options. But one thing Carmel is especially revered for is its delicious pizza joints scattered throughout the city. From Chicago-style deep dish to artisanal wood-fired pies, Carmel offers an array of pizza restaurants sure […]

The 8 Restaurants in Wickenburg AZ You Must Try

With its distinctive cowboy culture and scenic desert landscape, Wickenburg has earned a reputation as the “Most Western Town in Arizona.” Beyond its Wild West charm, Wickenburg also boasts a vibrant dining scene with restaurants catering to an array of tastes and preferences. From downhome diners serving up comfort classics to Mexican cantinas dishing out […]

Top 10 Restaurants On The River in Helen, GA

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies the charming Bavarian-inspired town of Helen, Georgia. This quaint city is known for its beautiful natural surroundings, Bavarian-style architecture, and fabulous culinary scene. Helen boasts an array of delightful restaurants, many situated right on the banks of the scenic Chattahoochee River offering visitors gorgeous views […]

How Long Does Cake Last in the Fridge?

As an avid baker who loves making cakes for family and friends, I’m often asked how long cake lasts in the fridge. Properly storing cakes is crucial for maintaining freshness and avoiding spoilage. In this article, I’ll discuss the shelf life of different cake types in the refrigerator and provide tips on how to maximize […]

Can You Use Cake Mix After the Expiration Date?

The other day I was rummaging through my pantry looking for something to bake and came across an unopened box of cake mix. I glanced at the expiration date and realized it was nearly two years past the “best by” date printed on the box! My first thought was to toss it out since it […]

7 Best Prime Hydration Flavors Ranked in 2024

Hydration is one of the most important elements for overall health and well-being. Drinking enough fluids keeps the body functioning optimally, improves cognitive performance, and prevents headaches, fatigue and other symptoms associated with dehydration. In recent years, the sports drink brand Prime Hydration has risen in popularity thanks to its commitment to taste and function. […]

The 10 Best Sake Substitutes for Cooking

Sake is a staple ingredient in many Japanese dishes. The unique flavor of this rice wine adds depth and umami to foods like teriyaki, dipping sauces, and more. However, sake can be difficult to find depending on where you live. Luckily, there are several great sake substitutes that you can use for cooking. Why Find […]

The 10 Best Sauces for Subway’s Italian BMT

As a long-time fan of Subway sandwiches, the Italian BMT has always been one of my go-to choices on the menu. There’s just something about the combination of spicy salami and pepperoni paired with smoky ham and melted cheese that I find totally crave-worthy. But I’ve realized over the years that while the Italian BMT […]

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